Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer Mystery Destination Box

As I mentioned in my summer "I wonder…" board post, I'm thinking of ways to shake this summer up a bit. 

I have a box that I've turned into "a mystery destination box". In it, I will place clues for somewhere we will visit later in the week. All of the destinations will be semi local (within an hour or two drive). I don't plan on doing this each week, but I can imagine every other week will be doable. 

summer activities for kids
On the weeks I plan a mystery destination, I will have the kids open a new clue each day and they can try to guess.  I haven't decided if I will tell them if they're correct or not yet…I may let it be a surprise.

Here are some mystery destination ideas:

Ballpark to see a game
A Historic home and battlefield
Splash pad
A historic fort
Trampoline park
The state capital
A factory tour
A turtle rescue and rehab center
The food bank to volunteer
A farm
Coming May 1st!
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Phyllis said...

Sounds like you have a great summer planned. I love the mystery element, too.

momandkiddo said...

Kelly, I LOVE this idea! Such a fun way to keep summer interesting.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!! I might have to "steal" it!! Sammy loves figuring out mysteries and things like that!

April said...

Such a fun idea! The anticipation is half of the fun.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Way cool! You've got me thinking! I hope you will have a fantastic summer!