Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Indoor Snowball Fight

Oh my goodness, our indoor snowball fight was a blast!  The kids couldn't believe I was going to let them throw something in the house, but quickly liked the idea.  

indoor snowball fight

The snowballs are made by a company called Snowtime Anytime.  You can get them on Amazon, but I found ours at our toy store for much less.  Pinterest has a lot of ideas for homemade snowballs too.  

indoor snowball fight

For snack we had snowball cookies and hot cocoa with colored marshmallows.  The kids have made pillow forts in the playroom and are still loving their snowballs.  I think they loved ambushing Daddy when he came home!

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momandkiddo said...

Whoa! My kids would love an indoor snowball fight!