Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Senses Theme Week Snacks

It was Sassyfras's turn to bring snack for her class last week.  The theme in her class was "The five senses".  I thought it would be fun to bring snacks that would go along with the sense they were learning about each day.

For "sight day" they talked about colors and rainbows, so we made a rainbow fruit salad.  Sassyfras helped me wash and chop the fruit and then arrange it in a rainbow on a blue platter.  We also sent in vanilla yogurt for some clouds.

five senses theme, preschool snacks
strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and blackberries

We sent crisp crunchy apple slices and Bunny Grahams for snack on hearing day.  We wrapped up a box of the Bunny Grahams to have the kids guess what their snack might be from the sound it made.

five senses theme, preschool snacks

We had fun with smell day and made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies together (we may have kept a few, okay a bunch, for dessert at home too).  We also sliced up some oranges.  We covered the platters with foil and then punched some holes so the kids could guess what their snack was by smelling.

five senses theme, preschool snacks

The day they discussed touch, we sent Pirate's Booty and mandarins.  I thought peeling the little oranges would provide a nice touch sensory.

Friday was a tasting day.  Their teacher brought in lemons for sour and unsweetened baking chocolate for bitter.  We brought popcorn for salty and fruit snacks for sweet.  

five senses theme, preschool snacks

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House of Burke said...

Wow! What a brilliant snack time! I absolutely love each and every snack you packed. The kids must have had so much fun experiencing all of these foods with their five senses!

Unknown said...

Wonderful ideas for children to explore their senses!

Unknown said...

Oh I so want you as a parent of one of my classes!