Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Patriotic Bubble Gum Ice Cream

The kids and I made a batch of red, white, and blue bubble gum ice cream yesterday.  I've never made bubble gum ice cream, but the kids saw it at the ice cream shop a while back and wanted to try it.  I wouldn't let them at the time.  Juiciness and Sassyfras had never had bubble gum and I didn't really want to try it that day.  Instead, I promised we would try making some at home soon.

I picked up a bag of gum balls at Target the other day, along with the other ingredients to make delicious homemade ice cream.  

bubble gum ice cream, memorial day, fourth of july, July 4th

We basically followed the vanilla ice cream recipe found at Cuisinart.  I decreased the sugar some though.

1 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups of whole milk
3 cups of heavy cream
1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together and freeze in your ice cream maker.  I waited to add the gum balls until the ice cream was almost set.  

I'll have to say, not being a fan of bubble gum ice cream, this was pretty good.  It basically tasted like vanilla ice cream, but it made the kids exceedingly happy!  

Oh, I almost kids had never heard the little chant bubble gum bubble gum in a dish...  Now they do it for every decision, so cute!

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Sarah said...

how yummy! may have to let the all the cousins make this on Sunday at our Memorial Day cookout!

Unknown said...

what great fun for a summer party! thanks from KIK!

Unknown said...

Yummy,yes indeed!! What a blast from the past:) I can hear the chant in my head right now, Fun Stuff. Thank you for sharing.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

My kids would love that ... and it looks so festive for the 4th!

Susie Buetow said...

I love your blog! You always come up with the neatest ideas.My teens would love this! I would LOVE for you to pop over and link this up in my Red White and Blue linky! It would be fun having you!


Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

oh how fun is that! I have never had bubblegum ice cream either.

Sherri said...

Are you kidding me?
this is absolutely fantastic!
I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

This ice cream looks so tasty (however I am not a huge bubble gum fan) and very patriotic!

Sarah said...

I've never made homemade ice-cream (except in a Ziploc!) do you have to have an ice-cream maker? I was thinking my kitchen aid would do the trick, but not sure?!

Mackenzie said...

I LOVE homemade ice cream and this is SO cute! :) We'd love for you to join the party at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will like your ideas as well! :)
Have a great weekend!

Ness @ One Perfect Day said...

Too delicious! We love making home made ice-cream. I never would have thought about putting the gum balls in. What a fab idea. Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Kid's o-op.

Carolyn @ Mama's Little Muse said...

Brilliant idea for 4th of July! Or for any summer day activity! My son will love this! Thank you!