Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homemade Limeade Recipe, Cinco De Mayo Fun for Kids

homemade limeade recipe, Cinco De Mayo with kids

We checked a few cookbooks out from our library this week and we really liked these three (you can find them on our Shelfari shelf). Our favorite is "A World of Food, Mexico" . It's less of a cookbook and more of a book that tells how food is grown in Mexico and how history, religion, and culture influence cuisine in Mexico. There are actually only a few recipes in the book, but it's a very interesting read.

homemade limeade recipe, Cinco De Mayo with kids

I pulled the books out to read yesterday after school, but before we started reading we made fresh limeade!   Very easy and very refreshing.

homemade limeade recipe, cinco de mayo for kids

We made our limeade using this recipe. They took turns juicing limes until we had about 2 cups of juice.  It was tough work for them, but  a sweet reward. 

Homemade limeade recipe, Cinco De Mayo for kids

Limeade Recipe
1 cup of fresh lime juice
1 cup of simple sugar syrup (I made this the day before)
water to make 1/2 gallon
Mint leaves optional

I was hoping to decrease the sugar some, but it took every bit of it to make it not so sour, or salad as Juiciness would say.  It's one of those funny word things he has mixed up somehow. 

homemade limeade recipe

The kids loved their limeade.  I'm actually looking forward to fresh margaritas tomorrow night though, wink, wink!

homemade limeade recipe, Cinco De Mayo with kids

For our Friday fun tomorrow, we'll be visiting a local tienda de alimentos to get ingredients for our guacamole and something for dinner. 

The Summer Bucket List Party is still going on and there are some awesome links posted.  I invite you to come join the party or just visit for some summer inspiration.

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This is great! We've read a couple of books in relation to Cinco de Mayo too - My Abuelita and Diego Rivera: His World and Ours. I've been writing about the cooking and art activities these book inspired at the good long road (

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Awesome! I am curious to see if the kids will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in school today. After all, we are in CA :)

Phyllis said...

We like limeade too, and lemon-lime ade as well. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Angela said...

Okay, I just found your blog and I'm so happy!!! You have so many wonderful ideas and I can't wait to start doing these activities with my little ones!!! :)

Gina said...

Looks like a great recipe! We'll have to try this one out soon! Hope you all enjoyed your Cinco de Mayo drinks! :)

Unknown said...

This drink looks really refreshing!

HannahW said...

This would have been an awesome addition to our little playschool celebration!

Here is our ABC and 123 contribution:

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this recipe. We just made this over the weekend. It will definitely be made a good bit through the summer. E loved helping!

I have not been blogging but am now subscribing via email. I love seeing what you guys have been creating!

Take care,