Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Shrinking Egg

egg experiments for kids

This is the 2nd experiment in a 3 part series.  Our disappearing eggshell demonstration was completed in about 48 hours.  You can see that it is a bit larger than a regular egg. Now, we're going to shrink our egg!  I found this demonstration at Kid Farm.

shrinking egg experiment  

For this project, you will first need to complete this demonstration to get an eggshelless egg.  How's that for a made up word!

an egg without a shell
corn syrup
a cup or jar 

shrinking egg experiment 

Place your shell free egg in a cup and pour the corn syrup over it.  Our egg was so large that it lodged itself in the base of this cup.  However, you can see below that in just 14 hours it had shrunk enough to float up to the top of the glass.

the shrinking egg experiment, egg experiments

What's going on?
Osmosis is going on! This website has a wonderful explanation of the process. Essentially, the membranes of a egg are selectively permeable.  This means that some molecules are allowed to pass through freely, but not everything.  In this case, the water concentration is higher inside the egg and lower in the corn syrup.  Water has moved from inside the egg to the corn syrup.  However, the yolk of the egg is too large to pass through the membrane and will remain inside the egg. 

Stay tuned to see what happens when we reverse this process! See The Incredible Growing Green Egg here.

The kids have been really excited to watch our egg.  They check on it very often and want to touch it.  It's more like magic for the two little ones, but Little J is asking appropriate questions and drawing good conclusions from this project.

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That is pretty darn cool.

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Neat! I have never done this experiment. Thanks for sharing.

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I was wondering from your other posts (reading them in reverse order) how you shrunk an egg. Now I know. Very interesting, I think we'll do this series at some point.