Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rainbow Shaving Cream Painting

Rainbow crafts for kids

So, Little J and I were up to our shaving cream antics again.  Actually, I wanted to see if we could make rainbows using this process and he walked in and said, "Oh, cool, I love shaving cream painting!  What are we making?"  I was really happy to have his input, he came up with some cool rainbow designs.  My plan is to do these closer to St. Patrick's Day...  See our book list below.

rainbow crafts for kids

card stock (you can use other paper, but I like this best so far)
shaving cream
tray or pan
acrylic paint
Q-tip, toothpick or something similar to swirl the paint
squeegee or something similar
paper towels

rainbow crafts for kids

rainbow crafts for kids

Put the shaving cream on the tray and then pour the paint in a rainbow shape.  Swirl the colors gently in the shaving cream, but DON'T swirl the colors together. 

Then, press a piece of card stock paper onto the paint and let it sit a few seconds.  Remove the paper and set it paint side up on a paper towel.  Let it sit for a minute or so and then squeegee the paint/shaving cream off. 


Little J made this design in the shaving cream by dragging a toothpick from the purple band up through the red.  I think it was my favorite design we did.

Rainbow shaving cream painting via Little Wonders' Days

rainbow craft for kids

Clean Up
Now, let's talk about mess control.  I've had several folks ask me if this can be done with preschoolers.  I do this with Sassyfras and Juiciness and they just turned 4.  I put them in old clothes and have plenty of towels ready.  If I'm going to let them play hands on with the shaving cream, then I either don't put the paint in or use washable paint and not acrylic.

The messy part is when you've placed the paper in the shaving cream paint and pull it out again.  Once we pull the paper out of the shaving cream paint, I set it on a paper towel and move it close to the sink to squeegee it.  This way, I can rinse the squeegee right away.  It's really not bad. 

If you were doing this with a group of preschoolers, I would certainly have extra hands to help and have a few kids do it at a time.  I like to have a snack or independent activity set up for the kids to go to after they've helped clean up as much as they can.  That way I can finish the final cleaning and know they're safely occupied.

Rainbow shaving cream painting via Little Wonders' Days

Our Book List
  • The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow by Sean Callahan
  • A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman
  • Elmer and the Rainbow by David McKee
  • The Rainbow and You by E.C. Krupp
  • Animal Color:  A Rainbow of Colors from Animals Around the World by Beth Fielding
  • A Rainbow of Animals by Melissa Stewart



    Sherri said...

    Another Beautiful idea! You are magical!

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    This looks amazing!! What a cool looking rainbow!
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    You do the most amazing shaving cream painting!!!

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    Looks like great fun...don't think i would quite get the same effect with my twin toddlers but they would have fun making the mess!!

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    I love it! We will be trying this one. What a great way to get creative.

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    Oh my Goodness, I LOVE LOVE this! Great blog by the way :)

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    love this! W e are so going to do this during our R week!

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    This looks very beautiful! I really enjoyed our shaving cream painting experience that you "put me up to", and I think we will do it again one of these days.

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    Great idea!

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    Beautiful! I love shaving cream art!

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    Ohmygosh! That is SO fun!! I was just looking for some St Pat's day craft ideas to do with my son and his friends! Thanks for the inspiration! I'd love for you to share here:

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    I have never thought to use acrilic paint with shaving cream. Genius! Pinning this now! Vicky from Mess For Less

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    That activity looks like so much fun! Great results!

    Unknown said...

    These turned out so pretty. I can't wait to try this.

    Unknown said...

    I am in love with all of your shaving cream art! Your kids do such an amazing job with it!

    Thanks so much for your book list also. I have rainbows on my list coming up so I can't wait to pick up some of your suggestions at the library. :)

    Sarah said...

    so awesome...i love that your blog is one stop shopping!! I come here and find exactly what I'm looking for!

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    This is so cute and what a great idea with little ones! I know my kids will love this :) Please stop over and share at Mix it up Monday:

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    Oh my goodness, Kelly!! And I know my three year old will as well. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, especially mess control tips! *LOL* I have lots of moms of little ones reading my blog and hope you'll share on my linky party if you have time.

    Thanks, Michelle

    Rose :: said...

    fun rainbow projects bring sun rays into the home :-)

    Unknown said...

    I did shaving cream marbling with my middle schoolers when I was still teaching, but I'm sad to say I haven't done it with my kiddos yet. So cool that you created rainbows. They look beautiful!

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    I've never seen this before! What a great idea! It looks like a bunch of fun!

    Please come and share this over at The DIY Dreamer!! PLEASE!

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    How fun!! I love how it turned out. We will definitely have to give this at try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you will share with us again this week!

    Andi said...

    I LOVE shaving cream art! I work in a special education classroom with 1-2 graders and we do a lot of this messy art.They love it and it's a great sensory activity. We use liquid water color with our and metallic colors too. This is the easiest thing to clean up...scrap into a bucket rinse down the sink and wipe the table with a towel and your done!

    Candy Girl said...

    I love this! And I'd love it if you'd link to the Rainbow Connection too!