Monday, January 16, 2012

Montessori Inspired Valentine Activities

Sassyfras and Juiciness know the names of numbers through 10, rote count well, and can count objects. However, I realized that they weren't associating numbers with their proper quantities.
Montessori valentine activities

To help them practice, I took a muffin pan and placed muffin liners with numbers 0-10 in it. Then I counted out the exact number of Hershey Kisses they would need to finish it correctly and set them in a separate bowl. When they finished, they could eat the Hershey Kiss in the last spot...just one a day though.
Montessori valentine activities
As you can imagine, it was a popular work.  We mostly did this together, but I think they are getting the idea.
Montessori valentine activity

This is a punch pin set that I purchased from a Montessori supply website.  We tried this activity about six months ago and they weren't able to do it, so I put it away for a bit.  Sassyfras is starting to write, so I brought it out again.  She couldn't trace the cookie cutter, but she could do the punch pin now!

Montessori valentine activity

Over the course of preschool and kindergarten, Little J did poster board size maps of the US, all the continents, and world using a punch pin set.  I was amazed every time he finished a map, I don't think I would have the patience!
montessori valentine

She really liked her heart.  I wonder if she would like to do her valentines like this???



Brittney said...

We have done the counting activity with an egg carton and dried beans before, but Hershey Kisses are much more fun!


Sherri said...

You little one is learning the same things we are learning! :)...just yours is with girl is going to be jealous! :)

Beth ( said...

What a clever idea!!! We are totally going to use this in a couple weeks =-)

Unknown said...

I love the math ctivity! It is a lot of work to make your own maps, congratulations to your hard worker:) Thank you for sharing.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love push pin idea - have to try it here just for fun.

Marissa said...

This is a creative and delicious way to practice counting. We are definitely going to try it, and hoping we don't eat TOO many! :)

Marissa said...
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Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

what a fun way to practice counting. those kisses would definitely keep them coming back for more.

BTW, push pinning an entire map???? that is hard work! Wow!

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

I love these trays! My Boogie is too little for push pins, I think, but I definitely think he will enjoy it when he is a little older. One of the reasons I love Pinterest :) Guarantees I won't forget great ideas!

I would love for you to share these at What's on the Tray Wednesday!

Sierra @ H is for Homeschooling said...

Thank you for sharing these at WOTT! I don't know that Boogie should be eating all those kisses, but maybe we can strike a deal and he can count and I can eat :)