Saturday, December 10, 2011

Snow Storm Day

We're a little off my planned advent days (and posting), but only you and I know this.  My kids have been having a blast the past several days.  I found out that our local science museum has a winter wonderland set up with all sorts of trains running through the snowy scenery.  So, for our "Friday fun", I took the kids to see it.  The museum was empty and we had the place to ourselves.  To top it off they had hot cocoa and gingerbread boys and girls for sale.  How fun!


We finally got around to doing our "snow storm day".  The kids have a busier social schedule than my husband and me this year and have several parties to attend this next week.  So, our day started with us making mini cupcakes.  Some were for our dessert and most I froze to bring to their parties this week.


They were simple cupcakes for the kids to make.  We used a confetti cake mix, very pretty on the inside, and made butter cream icing.  I rolled the sides in white sprinkles and topped them with snowflake sprinkles.



We read several books to go along with our theme for the day.  Dream Snow by Eric Carle, The Mitten  byJan Brett, and this book, Coming Through The Blizzard by Eileen Spinelli. 


The kids rolled out some Model Magic Clay by Crayola and stamped out snowflakes.  After making a small hole in them so we could string them when they dried, we sprinkled some of them with glitter.


They look very pretty hanging in the windows.


We had an afternoon snack of Ritz crackers and Jarlsberg cheese.  Aren't these snowflake crackers cute! 


I showed Little J how to make a god's eye.  He used white yarn and popsicle sticks. 

Little J is learning about weather in school.  We looked up a few websites about snow and winter storms.  We liked this one, Weather Wiz Kids, the best.


Christy Killoran said...

That looks like a lot of fun. You did this all in one day? I'm impressed!

MiaB said...

I like your little snowflake, it's so cute and creative. My daughter and I just got done doing some activities with "The Snowy Day." :) stopping by from Sunday Showcase.


Phyllis said...

I love your themed days. (Wish I was one of your kids!) I love the addition of jewels on the God's Eye.

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Love the model magic snowflakes!

critters and crayons said...

What a pretty post! I love the blue star cookie! All of the photos are gorgeous!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I have never heard of God's Eye before, but it looks really pretty! Great theme day as always.

Cacheymama said...

I am a new follower. I love your great ideas. You should link up to my Thinky Linky Thursday linky party. There is also a button available for you to link to it if you like. Thanks!

Sugar Swings said...

awesome fun day! where did you find those snowflake sprinkles?? cute!

Little Wonders' Days said...

To be honest, I can't remember where I picked up the snowflake sprinkles. If I had to guess, I would say AC Moore or Walmart. Sorry...

Ruby Jean said...

Oh what FUN!! can I bring the kids over to join in.. :) I would love for you to share this at

Lori said...

Love the family holiday activities. I'm a new follower. Warm wishes

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

the cupcakes are gorgeous! I love how you have a whole themed fun day I'd love you to add them to my What We Wore and Made Party over at