Sunday, November 6, 2011

AfterSchool Linky Party

Little Wonders' Days
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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. This was the first time Sassyfras and Juiciness went trick-or-treating and their big brother, Little J, was very excited to show them the ropes.  We had a wonderful night.  We've shifted our focus over the week and have started to learn about Thanksgiving. 

We made Thanksgiving bracelets to help retell the Thanksgiving story in this post.  We also had some fun with cranberries in this post and cranberry play dough in this post.  Next week, we'll be focusing on what it means to be thankful.


Thank you everyone for linking up such interesting links again this past week!
Little Wonders' Days 

My first feature this week is a fall sensory bin from Living Life Intentionally.  For some reason, I don't do many sensory bins, although I know my kids would enjoy them.  We may have to change.
October 2011 083

This next feature is "Slap the Ghost" game from I Heart Crafty Things.  This looks like a fun way to practice math facts and can be changed out to fit just about any theme.  A hint that one of Little J's teachers gave to parents was to go at a fairly rapid pace when drilling math facts so that the child memorizes the fact rather than counts each time.  Once I started giving Little J just a few seconds per math fact before giving him the answer he quickly rose to the challenge.

So, on to this week's party, hosted by Julie at Just Playin' Around. Mouse Grows Mouse Learns, Mama Smiles, Superheroes and Princesses, The Educators' Spin on It, What Do We Do All Day, and I join her to bring you AfterSchool!


Beth ( said...

Thanks for featuring my Sensory bin =-) You made my day. I hope it helps to inspire others so they can have as much fun with their kiddos as we did with ours!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Learning math facts is one of the few places where I love using a computer - it seems daughter is having so much fun getting her drills through DreamBox. They value speed too, and her fluency became much better lately.

MaryAnne said...

I thought that ghost game was really cute, too!

Unknown said...

I had a busy Sunday last weekend and didn't get a change to come link up so I didn't realize you featured my slap the ghost game. Thank you! My first grader really loves this game.