Sunday, June 26, 2011

Learning about Hurricanes

I picked up a free hurricane tracking brochure from the grocery here in Miami and shared it with Little J.  We're going to take it home with us to track the storms this year. We may get extra rain and a particularly windy day where we live, but we are usually spared from any major effects of hurricanes.

Unfortunately though, my parents home was nearly destroyed in 1992 by hurricane Andrew and he found this story fascinating and wanted to know more about hurricanes.  Nana also showed him how she keeps their emergency supplies should they need them in the future. 

The National Hurricane Center is located in Miami and you can actually tour it outside of hurricane season, which is June 1st to November 30th.  They also have a wealth of information on their website that we used to learn more.  We thought it was interesting how storms are named.  You can download a hurricane tracking map here and more information about hurricanes for kids here

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Ticia said...

Thanks for the reminder, I have another post to link up!

Kids reactions are interesting, my kids would be totally freaked out by the idea of the house almost being destroyed.

Kelly said...

You know, you're right about the house thing Ticia. My husband and I are pretty calm and collected and I think it's rubbed off on the kids. Little J is pretty matter of fact and takes most things in stride, but I'm sure this might be an upsetting thing for some kids. It probably also helps that the house is all put together again and Nana and Papa are fine.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Tracking huricanes - from a safe distance, of course - sounds like a good activity to add into a weather study!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

We often joke that we live in the best possible place - no major climate turbulences except umm... earthquakes. Anna already learned some earthquake preparedness in school, but hurricanes sound very exotic (and scary) to her.