Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making a Sensory Garden with Kids

how to make a sensory garden

We started planting in the containers on our deck yesterday.  This year, in addition to making the garden visually appealing, we decided to make a sensory garden...a garden to engage all our senses. 

how to make a sensory garden
French Lavender

We had a super time at the garden store picking out our plantings.  We're still working on making some of our added elements, but it is already an enjoyable area.

how to make a sensory garden

Flowers/Plants for Scent
French lavender
Lime mint
Pineapple sage (my favorite, it really smells like pineapple)

how to make a sensory garden

Flowers/Plants for Tasting
Many of the above plants
Nasturtium (seeds planted)
Cherry tomatoes
More to come

Flowers/Plants for Touch/Texture
Lambs ear
Red hen and chick

how to make a sensory garden

Elements for Touch/Texture
Smooth river rocks
Comfortable place to sit or play

how to make a sensory garden

Flowers/Plants for Visual Interest
Purple petunias
Orange avens
Purple queen
More to come

how to make a sensory garden

Elements for Visual Interest
Decorative flower pots
Decorative garden stakes
Whirligigs (in the process of making)
Mosaics (in the process of making)

how to make a sensory garden

Elements for Sound
Water fountain
Wind chimes (in the process of making)
gardening with kids

Among the many things I love about a garden is how dynamic they are.  They are always evolving, changing, and you never know what you might find in them.  

how to make a sensory garden


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sensory garden!! Love some of the plants you guys picked out!

Christy Killoran said...

I love the idea of a sensory garden!! What a neat experience.

Unknown said...

This is so lovely! I am going to link to it in my upcoming Celebration of Outdoor Play post. :-)

Annette said...

Love this! When I was little, I used to really enjoy the Garden of the Five Senses at our local county park.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Wow, I would love to have a big garden that would fit all these components! We are thinking of incorporating more of local draft-resistant plants into our garden. They are less striking, but at the same time they are more Earth-friendly than many "visiting plants". We'll see how it goes :)

Kelly said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. It's amazing!!!!!!!! Ever consider starting a facebook page??? I'd follow!

Sarah said...

awesome! :)

Kara said...

What a great idea!

Sherri said...

This is awesome!!!! Completely Awesome!!!

Elise said...

What an amazing feast for the senses. This is such a special and creative garden.

Brimful Curiosities said...

My daughter wants to get some lambs ears for her garden this year. Doesn't that plant have a wonderful name?

Mandy said...

What a wonderful post. We are creating a special play garden and a family garden right now and these are great ideas to help me out at the plant store!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Oh my gosh! Superb idea! Definitely saving this post!


Annette said...

I liked this so much, I included a link on my blog here:

Cathy @ NurtureStore said...

Lovely! A great round-up of ideas - reminds me to think about including 'sound' in the garden. I've shared this over on NurtureStore's facebook page - lovely to see you at the Play Academy again. Hope you'll join in the Spring Carnival on April 22nd too :D

Unknown said...

I just LOVE this! I shared it with my Facebook friends earlier today. I MAY just add it to this week's featured links. You'll have to stop by this week's party to find out!

Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday Link Party! I will be posting the next party tomorrow night. I hope to have you stop by and join us for another week sharing great ideas for our kids!!

Thanks for stopping by!
:)rachel at

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

I love this idea! We just posted about creating a Plant Journal about our garden this week. I think now we're going to make sure we talk about our senses too.

sunnymama said...

Your garden sounds lovely! Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas with our Spring Carnival. :) I've featured your post here:

Gina said...

I love that you thought about each of the five senses when you created this garden! It looks great!