Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea and Cookies

Today is one of those cold with on again off again rain.  I thought tea and cookies would make for a fun afternoon treat.  Bobbi at Casa Camacho made cute molded chocolates using pirouette cookies instead of pretzel rods during Halloween. 

I loved that idea and have used it to make little chocolate Santas on pirouette cookies.  The mold calls for candy canes...I like the cookies better though!  Our tea is decaf green tea with mint and lemon, delish!

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Christy Killoran said...

I missed that post on her blog. I love the idea. Super cute!!!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the cookies and thanks for the blog. Now following it! Kerri

Ticia said...

ummm,, yum.

Totally missed that post.

Bobbi & Noe said...

Awe...How Cute! The dorky thing is, I saw a Christmas Pretzel mold at Michaels yesterday, and didn't even think of doing that. bahaha! What a dork?!

Great ideas on the Elf. If I didn't get directions with ours, your way would have been what I would have done.

Kelly said...

Bobbi- That's funny! I wouldn't call it dorky, just a preoccupied and busy mom!