Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like A Pirate's Day Antics

As promised, here is our Talk Like a Pirate's Day antics.

We started the day with Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast.

There's gold in 'em magazines!

The last spot had pirate tattoos too.

These tattoos come off easily with a little make-up remover so it's back to normal for school tomorrow!

After church we had a  picture treasure hunt.  I took pictures of places in our house and hid chocolate coins there.  I handed Little J the camera and had him work with his brother and sister to find them.

This is how real pirates eat popcorn, with gold and silver doubloons and M&M gems.

We made some sugar cookies with skull and crossbones decorations.  It's back to fruit and veggies tomorrow after today's sugar indulgence!

Little J worked on his treasure chest while the little ones napped.  He's midway through it, so it will be another post, another time. 

We finished the day by going for sushi! 


Christy Killoran said...

I love it! I will have to plan for this day next year.

Unknown said...


Brimful Curiosities said...

When I developed a Pirate Day storytime a few years ago, I used an online pirate name generator so that each kid could have their own pirate name. They loved it. Sounds like you had a really fun day!

Kelli said...

how cute. The biscuits look cool!

amandab said...

There's nothing better than a treasure hunt :) Dadda set out a very elaborate one for Princess one afternoon incorporating phone messages and emails - very over the top! Of course, that meant Mumma had to help as the messages were sent to my email!