Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Activities Tree

Our book today was "Mouse's First Fall" by Laura Thompson.  It's a great fall book for the 2 year old crowd.  Very colorful illustrations and simple text to go along with some fall fun of a little mouse.

Our "Summer bucket list" was such a hit for our family that I thought I would make a "Fall fun list" for us.  We won't use it like our bucket, where we picked a slip and spontaneously took off to do our fun thing.  We'll use it more like a reference of all the fall things we like to do.  We already have some fall traditions that we love, maybe we'll find some more. 
fall activities tree

Using a glass milk jug filled with acorns and hickory nuts, we placed tree branches and decorated them with our leaves.

Visit a pumpkin farm
Visit a corn maze
Take fall walks and collect leaves and acorns
Make apple butter
Throw our annual Halloween party
College football games/tailgate cookouts
Make a scarecrow
Volunteer at the local food bank
Pick Apples
Trip to the mountains for fall leaf peeping
Decorate our pumpkins
Make "Boo" treats for our neighbors and friends
Roast pumpkin seeds
Make popcorn balls
Pull out our warm and fuzzy sweaters
Make caramel or candied apples
Clean up our summer garden and prepare it for winter
Plant mums and pansies
Set our bird feeders
Make gourd birdhouses
Find a family fun walk/run to participate in
Make hot apple cider
Make Halloween decorations
Take evening walks to see the fall and Halloween decorations
Make apple pies
Make Thanksgiving place mats
Make Thanksgiving treat/busy bags for the cousins
Go to a fall festival or fair
Plant amaryllis for Christmas bloom
Take a hike
Decorate and fill our cornucopia
Read about Columbus
Celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day
Rake leaves and jump in them
Plant spring bulbs
Make our "thankful list"

fall family traditions, arts and crafts kids, homemade water color paints

I posted about making homemade watercolor paints back here and this is how we used them.  I gave each of the kids several pieces of water color paper and painting supplies and let them paint entire pages.  Then I cut out leaf and acorn shapes.  Little J helped me think of the things we like to do in autumn and I wrote our activities on the leaves when they dried. 

fall traditions list

make a fall bucket list

We hung these leaves on the tree for us to pick one out when it was time for an activity.  We made a few extra blank one since I'm sure we'll find some other great activities that we left off our tree.


Almost Always said...

What a pretty Autumn Tree!
i ♥ your Fall family is going to have to make a similar list...i will be using a few of your ideas! :) thanks for sharing!

Ticia said...

It's so pretty.

Brimful Curiosities said...

The watercolor leaves are lovely. What a fun way to display your bucket list.

Unknown said...

I love the idea of a Fall List! We did a summer one and I think a fall one sounds like a great idea to help us do all the fun things fall has to offer. I will probably be borrowing some of your ideas :)

RedTedArt said...

This is BRILLIANT! I have never seen an autumn/ activity tree like this. Wow. How gorgeous and lovely and what a great tradition! I will see if i can make one this year still and if not, we are doing one next year for sure (when my son can really help make it). LOVE IT!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty - I really appreciate it.

I am also going to Feature this in Autumn Get Crafty a collection of autumn cleverness which I am posting on 1 Nov (ages away, I know..)

Thank you

Red Ted Art

Rebecca said...

Love this creative way to make a fall list!

amandab said...

I love the tree and that is such a great list of activities to do! Makes me almost wish it was "Fall" here too!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a fun list! The tree and its leaves are wonderful. I love the colors you can make with the homemade paint.

Anonymous said...

very pretty list!!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's an awesome idea to have a fall bucket list, and yours turned out really pretty. It sounds like you are planning a really busy fall! We own this book and really like it too.

erin said...

This is such a great list!

Anonymous said...

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becky @ MyKidsMake said...

what a fun project! i will have to try this with my kids. looks great!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! I loved how yours turned out! Did mine inspire yours? Your's turned out absolutely beautiful. I love your leaves.