Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Bucket List, Making Popsicles, forts, and bike rides!

Today' bucket list pull was, "Make Popsicles".  Little J used a smoothie mix with strawberries and bananas
to make them

I poured the mix out of the blender into his smaller pitcher to help make pouring easier.  It's been so long I can't remember where I found it, but you can get it at Montessori Services.  I've even started the little ones practicing with it and they do OK.

Making Forts

Here's a mom tip for you:  If your kids are driving you nuts full of energy, make them a grand fort and you won't hear from them for a long, long time!  Yesterday we made forts in various locations in the house.  It started out in the living room and then it was decided that maybe the kitchen table would be better.  But then the floor was too hard, so it moved to the playroom.  They made them again this morning and played in them for awhile.

Our eagerly awaited evening bike ride, an idea from Monkeyin' Around's summer bucket list, had to be postponed until tonight as we had one of those lovely afternoon/evening thunderstorms.  Everyone was a little disappointed, but I ran up to the gelato store and brought some goodies home and I think that helped a little. 

Since we had a sweet treat last night, we decided to head just for the park and play a little while before coming home for baths and bed.  We had a wonderful time and we're planning on doing this again very soon.  Thanks Karen at Monkeyin' Around!


Ticia said...

I think I have a popsicle mold somewhere, we need to try it. It'd be wildly popular.

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

We love popsicles here, and I saw some interesting ideas at Almost Unschoolers lately. Time to expand our choices :)