Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ocean Themed Play Dough and Activities for Kids

We're still on the ocean theme track.  There really is so much to study there, so I guess it's fine.  Last week we focused just on the ocean in general.  This week we've been talking about the creatures that live in the ocean. 

I decided to make some homemade play dough in ocean colors for Juiciness and Sassyfras and some homemade clay for Little J that he could mold and paint when it dried.  I found the recipe here.  It was easy to make, but I'm not sure how well it is going to dry and hold up long term.  I think it is really meant for flat projects as opposed to Little J's 3D shark.

homemade ocean themed play dough

For the play dough, I used the standard flour, salt, oil, water, cream of tartar recipe and used gel colors. Skip to my Lou featured play dough made with gel colors last month and I've been wanting to try it ever since. We added some of our beach finds from this summer and some other jewels and voila, a morning of fun. 

shark craft
He decided to use his great white as a basic model for his shark.

shark craft
He wanted to make a thresher shark.

Little J loves sharks, and I mean loves sharks.  He has been reading and watching documentaries on sharks.  He had a doctor's visit the other day and drew a picture of a shark on the waiting room table.  When the doctor came in he told him that, "It's Megalodon, the biggest shark to ever live."  Go figure.

ocean themed play dough

ocean themed play dough
However, Sassyfras and Juiciness have kept it a little tamer and we've read books about whales.  I think their favorite is Baby Beluga by Raffi, probably because we sing it together.  The book A Whale of Her Own by Brian Skerry has nice pictures of a real beluga that they liked looking at and Little J enjoyed the story itself. 


Jenny said...

That playdough is so pretty. I LOVE little boys. It reminds me of my son who once burst out of nowhere with his favorite dinosaur, "Pachycephalosaurus."

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the shark J made - how exciting that he has such a strong passion for sharks. The playdoh colors are really beautiful too.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Ocean colors play dough - terrific idea!

Unknown said...

The colors you chose are perfect what fun.

clippingandsipping said...

The shark model is a great idea! Your dough colors came out so bright! Very nice!
(I am following from the blog hop:)

Ticia said...

At some point I will make playdoh, I don't know why I haven't.

HBrummett said...

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