Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Play, Road Mat

Today Little J pulled out his road mat, cars and trucks, dinosaurs, and buildings.  He played for awhile by himself and then noticed his little brother's interest in what he was doing.  He actually invited his siblings to join in the play!  He often plays with them, but doesn't generally invited them into "his" play. 

“Come play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up”

We Play


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

We love this kind of pretend play in our house. It looks like J has quite a world of cars and trucks. It's very sweet of him to invite little ones to play too.

amandab said...

When buying a rug for the play area I made sure we got one that had a road on it just for that reason. Not that we have many cars, but the few we do and the train do like to drive on it sometimes.

How lovely that he invited the little ones to play! Just lovely! :)

Jackie Higgins said...

I've looked everywhere for a decent playmat/rug with roads and a town. I used to see them all the time- when you need something you can never find it. Did you get yours recently? Do you know where? Looks like a fun day of play!

Kelly said...

I just love cars and mats. It's something I enjoy doing with my son.

Kelly said...


I know what you mean about not finding what you need when you need it, but seeing it everywhere just a few months ago!

I bought it for him last Christmas at Toys R Us. I think they were in where the Thomas the Train sets are located. It's pilled a little, but other than that it's pretty nice. If I remember it wasn't too expensive either.

Marita said...

Sharing his play is so wonderful and very sweet.

Road mats are great fun :)

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

How lovely to have siblings and even nicer to include them in your play. We must invest in some more cars, I really like your wooden ones.