Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Bucket List Kick-Off Party!

Little Wonders' Days

The day my kids have been waiting for has finally arrived.  We drew our first slip of paper out of our bucket this morning and we're off to the science museum.  This is one of our favorite places!   You can see our full summer bucket list here. 

I know there are plenty of you out there with your own "summer bucket list". I get so many great ideas from what you share in your blogs. I thought it might be fun to share what our plans are with each other.  I will pick my favorite ideas off your lists too and add them to our bucket. When we do them, I'll link back to your blog and give a blog shout out to you.

Add your link below and let's get the party started! 


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see everyone's list!!

Jenny said...

I had already read your list when you posted it before and thought it was a great idea. I'll be back to link up later.

Ticia said...

You were right, I missed the closing. And FYI, for when you get back, you can change dates for opening and closing.