Sunday, June 13, 2010

4th of July Rockets

I know the 4th is still a little ways off, but I have to get a start if I want to do any extra!  We're having a 4th of July cookout with some friends this year and I plan on making these rockets for each of the kids.  These cute rockets are actually filled with those little pop-its or snaps...those things that you throw at the ground and they "pop".  I used only supplies I had around the house to make the rockets.

Empty toilet paper tube
Small coffee filter
Red crepe streamer
Blue card stock
White card stock
Glue/double sided tape
Star stickers
Pop-its or Snaps


I started by fitting and gluing a coffee filter inside one end of the tube.  This sealed the one end and made a little holder, so to speak.

Then I wrapped  and glued some red crepe paper streamer around the bottom several times.  I made cuts in it once it dried.  This made the "rocket flames".

Using a piece of blue card stock, I cut it to the size of the tube and glued it into place.  I covered the glued part of the crepe paper streamer too.  The clips held it in place while it dried.

It is decorated with stars and filled with pop-its.  You might call them pops, pop-its, snaps, or snappers. 

I used white card stock to cut a circle, made a slit in it, and folded it around to make a cone shape. I used double sided tape to attach it to the top.

The pop-its do come with a caution note that includes they are not recommended for children under 8 years of age.  I will probably fill the rockets with an alternative surprise for the really young kids.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this- adorable and FULL of fun!

Michelle - Blessed Mom of 5 said...

That is a cute idea! I'll have to try make some, my kids would love them!

Fowl Single File said...

So fun and festive! I'll be trying them if I get a chance.

Unknown said...

How perfect for table decor! Love it, and the great tutorial.

I'm hosting a linky party for 4th of July stuff for the next 3 Thursdays. Would love it if you'd link this up!

Alissa said...

Very inventive, and they look simple to make. I bet kids would love making these. And they wouldn't have to be done only for the 4th of July (any time is rocket making time) but what a great idea it is for your 4th of July celebrations.
From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!

Amanda said...

So festive & cute :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Kelly, for linking up today. Hope you stop by next Thursday too!

Have a great weekend!

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

How fun and a great way to use up toilet paper rolls! I like the bit of fringe around the bottom.

PreKChick said...

Thanks so much for posting/sharing this craft. We made today at preschool and they turned out adorable!
Happy 4th!