Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Child Safety! Make it a part of your spring cleaning

I've nearly finished my spring know, the changing out of wardrobes, cleaning and putting away winter coats and boots, and general putting away of winter and bringing out and adding to summer "stuff".

There is one thing that I try to do each season as well and that is a child safety/child proof check.  It's something that should be ongoing (and it is here), but the big things that we often forget to keep a check on need going over as children grow and go through different phases, and even a change in season brings new dangers.

You may be aware that trauma is the number one cause of death in children over the age of one!  That's right injuries are number one, more than the cancers or illnesses we fear as moms.  I'm not trying to ensue panic or be a crazy mom, I just think that we hear too little about what really claims the lives of our children.  My mother always says, "We didn't do that when you were kids" and I always tell her, "I know, and that statistics show that". 

Motor vehicle crashes top the list.  So, first on my checklist was making sure that the car seat straps were at the right heights (Juiciness needed his moved up) and that they were all still snuggly in place.  Second leading cause of on the list is drowning.  We do have a small garden pond in our backyard.  The gate around it was loose and Dr. Wonderful repaired it.  The twins are going through a phase where they are really drawn to playing in water, and yes, unfortunately that includes the toilets.  We have childproof door handles in place, but I also put toilet locks on just in case a door is left open. 
Some other random things I checked through:

Electrical outlet covers still in place and cords intact and properly secured
Smoke detectors in proper working order
Stair gates secure
All poisons locked and out of reach
All small enough to choke on toys are out of the playroom and safely stored in Little J's room
All window screens intact and securely placed in windows
Kids' helmets proper size.  Little J needed a new helmet this year.
Old sunscreen tossed and new bottles in the outdoor bags and baskets
The twins are in a climbing phase too, so I made sure anything they could try to climb was secured.

I also scanned the playground equipment at Little J's school (don't you know they loved me), but I found a couple of concerns and brought those to the directress's attention.  They seem to be getting repaired. 
If you want to know more about childhood trauma and what you can do to keep you kid safer, check out this link by the CDC.  My checklist is by no means a guide or a complete list...just some of the things I know I needed to relook at in my home.  I encourage you to look through your house and where ever your child spends time to make child safety a priority. 


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a timely reminder and great list. Thank you for sharing.

Joyful Learner said...

Great tips! Wise and very thorough! I'm going to pass this on.

Kelly said...

Please do pass this along. Child safety is important!