Friday, February 7, 2014

100th Day of School…Donating a bag of 100 Things to the Teachers

The kids' 100th day of school is fast approaching.  My kindergartners were asked to bring a bag of 100 small items (like Legos, pennies, etc).  They will count each other's bags in math centers.  I have an abundance of foam alphabet stickers, so they counted out 100 of them.  I've told the teachers they were welcome to keep them if they can find something useful to do with them.

ideas to celebrate 100 days of school

Since Little J's grade is well beyond counting to 100, they don't participate in this type of activity.  However, the teacher recently requested some additional school supplies that are running low.  Evidently they have a classroom of woodchucks…or maybe some great writers.  Whatever the case, this is the second time this year they need pencils.  I had Little J employ some of his multiplication and division skills to figure out how many boxes of pencils we needed to purchase to get 100 pencils and then how many would be leftover.  For a little more fun, I asked him to tell me the fraction of pencils we would keep at home and then asked him to tell me the percentage.

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