Monday, February 3, 2014

10 After School Activities to try in February {Learning about Money}

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Last month I shared 10 after school activities to try in January {Outdoor fun without snow}. This month I'm sharing 10 fun and easy ways to learn about money.

teaching kids about money

1. You may have a stash of your own foreign currency, but if not, ask friends and neighbors if you can borrow any they may have. Explore it with your kids. Find the countries on the map. See if there is a comparable US coin. For older children you can talk about currency exchange rates in various countries.

2.  Make "save, spend, share" jars.  Make a list of chores they can do to earn money.  Help them make a plan for how they will save for more expensive items.  Talk about various charities and how they can share their money.

3.  Sort, count and/or roll coins.  

4.  Go someplace fun for an after school snack (like frozen yogurt or a cupcake shop).  Have them add up how much the snack will cost, determine how much money to pay the shopkeeper, and determine the change they should get back.

5.  Design your own currency.  Set up a pretend shop and play together.  Follow up by taking them to the grocery with you.  Give them a few of dollars to make choices in the produce section.  Talk about how they can make the most of the money and why you choose to purchase certain items over another like item (comparison shopping).

6.  Play monopoly, life, or payday.

7.  Learn about US Mints.

8.  Arrange a visit to the local bank. Our local bank will give mini tours and talks if you call ahead.  Help them set up a savings account if they don't already have one.  

9.  Start a coin collection.  Maybe pennies from each year, quarters from each state, the presidential one dollar coins, etc.

10.  Develop an imaginary business together. Ask them to think about things like are you providing goods or a service, how much will you charge, what are your expenses, what's the business name, what materials do you need to run your business,  what do you think your profit will be, etc?  Write down your business plan.
Last Week's Features
after school link up

Jeannine at Waddlee -ah-chaa shared a wonderful post, "Geography Habitats Around the World".  She has great ideas for lesson plans, books, and art.  Her children did an oil pastel resist to make a beautiful habitat picture.  See her tutorial for full details.

100th day of school ideas
We're getting ready to celebrate 100 days at our elementary school by having the kids bring "100 things" in a ziploc bag to count.  Jacquie at KC Edventures has a great list of "100 things to use to count to 100" together and some fun ideas of other activities to go along with them.

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jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa said...

Thank you for highlighting the kiddos oil pastel habitats. They'll be so proud! This week we're sharing part 2 of our habitat lesson. Hope you stop by to check out they're artwork.

Great ideas for learning about money.I try to give my children many real world opportunities to handle money. A game they like to play with their cousins is Restaurant. They make a menu and take turns serving each other. They use play money to pay the bill. Very cute.(But you might not want to eat some of the items listed on the menu!)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

These are great money activities!

Deceptively Educational said...

My son LOVES coins and has had a collection for several years. I never thought of having him design his own currency though! He would LOVE that!!! Thanks always for your great ideas!

Anna@The Measured Mom said...

This is great! I shared it as part of my round up today.