Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Year of Family Activities, Making Memories

a year of family activities

Our New Year's Eve party theme was "2014 Magic".  One of the ways we're going to make magic this year is to spend some special family time together. We do a lot together as a family already, but we want to be more planned or intentional with it this year. Our activities aren't meant to replace the small moments in life, like making dinner together or a goodnight routine or even the big things like family vacations and celebrations.

I made cards for each month of the year and then gave each child one month from each season. With a little help, they were able to decide roughly what our planned family outing would be for that month. And yes, Disney World tried to get on a number of cards for the year, but that's just "not in the cards" for this least not right now.

Visit a Museum
Go Bowling
Go Mini Golfing
Plant Flowers
Xbox Game Night
Family Swimming Night
Go Boating
Stay at Beach House
Take a Hike
Visit a pumpkin farm
Jump in Leaves
Snowball Fight

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I've put the cards in the front of a Smashbook so we can journal a bit about our time together.

We've just done our January activity.  We took a short road trip and visited a wonderful science museum/zoo. Later that evening, we popped some popcorn and watched Night at the Museum.  It made for a fun day together.

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Leslie said...

I love that you have planned all of these fun events already!

Ticia said...

Oh that sounds like a fun series of activities, I love this idea.

Beth Gorden said...

I love how intentional you are about spending quality time with your kids! A woman after my own heart =)

Thanks for linking up to TGIF. Hope to see you linked up again later today!

Have a GREAT weekend,
Beth =)