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Oil Pastel Resist Fall Leaf Craft, After School

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easy kids fall leaf craft

{Easy Kids Fall Leaf Craft: Oil Pastel Resist}
I found the instructions for doing oil pastel resists at A Faithful Attempt and loved the process.  I decided to try it with my kids and make some fall leaves. It's a fairly simple process.  The kids were completely engrossed in their work, and when they completed one leaf...they were hooked.  They wanted to make several new leaves and asked to do some several afternoons this past week.   

We started by taking a fall walk to collect colorful leaves for inspiration.  We tried to collect leaves that had a lot of various colors showing.  While our leaf collection had lots of reds, yellows, and oranges, my kids still worked with a lot of purples, blues, and pinks.  

 photo FallLeavesCol_zps30ae0d88.jpg

Supplies we used
watercolor paper 
oil pastels
paint brushes
black acrylic paint

easy kids craft fall leaf oil pastel resist

  • Start by tracing or free hand drawing a leaf on a piece of water color paper.  (I cut a page of watercolor paper into fourths)
  • Trace over the pencil line with any color chalk.  The line will be black in the end.
  • Then, color your leaf with oil pastel crayons (you'll want the coloring to leave a thick layer, but there can be white spaces-they will be black in the end).  You can be creative and layer and blend colors.  Sassyfras colored around the outside of her leaves and they were quite attractive.  
  • Dilute some black acrylic paint.  I'm not sure of how dilute you're supposed to make this, but we used maybe a couple of tablespoons of paint with a teaspoon of water or so.  
  • Paint over the entire leaf and set aside to dry for about five minutes.
  • Very gently rinse the art under a soft stream of water.  The black paint will start to rinse off.  Go slowly at this step, you don't have to take off all the black paint.  Really, you want to leave bits on here and there for a nice effect.
  • We cut our leaves out to use on our "fall tree".
Try the process for yourself before doing it with kids.  Once you do it you'll see where your kids might need help.  The mess factor is in the chalk and oil pastel "dust".  

fall leaf craft for kids

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Natalie F said...

Good to see you back. It looks like a very interesting project - I've never heard of rinsing the paint off watercolor pages before, but leave and learn :)

Lovingmama said...

These are beautiful. Will try them this week.