Monday, September 16, 2013

After School Link Party

Welcome to the After School Link Party!

Little Wonders' Days
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I think I'm finally coming out of "my kids have gone to school, now what?" funk and we are settling into our new routine for the year pretty well.  Once the kids are home, we have snack together and talk about what we all did and then it's homework time.  Sassyfras and Juiciness don't have formal homework, but the teachers encourage them to have 20 minutes of reading each day, so that is what they do for homework.  They have also been working on writing, especially their site words.  Little J has quite a bit more, but somehow his teacher has cast a spell over him and he likes doing it.  Once homework is completed, we're on to our after school fun.

We had open house at their school this week and I was able to learn more about what will be covered this year and how I can help them be successful.  

       Here are some ways that I plan for our after schooling
  • what will reinforce and/or extend their school lessons in a fun, easy going way? 
  • what areas do my kids need extra help or practice to learn?
  • what subjects aren't covered well or at all in school that I would like them to experience?
  • what are their interests and what would they like to explore?
I want our after school experiences to be positive, family building,  confidence building, and fun.  I don't want it to occupy their free time/playtime, be stressful, or just plain not fun.

Little J's first science unit will be electricity and magnetism and the kindergartners are exploring animals.  We visited the library last week to check out books on these subjects and will start some activities this week, so stay tuned.

What are you doing this week after school?
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Natalie F said...

I think this is a good approach to selecting what to do in afterschool. This is why I spend a lot of that time on home skills, this is something they don't really teach in elementary school...