Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Tradition, Decorating the Birthday Door

Little J had the nerve to go an turn 9 years old overnight and didn't even ask my permission.  I swear I was just chasing the little toddling thing at the park, helping him get his shoes on, and wiping up his spills (oh wait, I'm still doing that one).  Seriously though, time has gone by quickly and while I'm loving the young boy he's turned into I still have fond memories of the tiny pink baby I brought home nine years ago.  Thank goodness he's still cuddly.  

birthday tradition

We have a tradition of decorating the birthday kid's door the night before their birthday.  This year, Little J has really started to enjoy fishing.  I found a clipart fish on WPClipart and ran it through picmonkey to spruce them up a bit.  There were 9 fish on his door, two seem to be MIA in the picture.??

birthday traditions

You can see his past doors at these links.  We started when he was around 2, but I wasn't blogging then and don't have pictures available from the years between.

Angry Birds birthday door from last year.
Seven reasons I love you door for his 7th birthday
Star Wars door for his 6th birthday.

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Natalie F said...

I think it's a very cool tradition. Happy birthday to Little J, not so little any longer :)

Beth Gorden said...

What a fun birthday tradition! We do the doorway with streamers and put a giant mylar balloon in their room =)

Love birthdays!! Happy Birthday to your kiddo!

Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again later today,