Monday, May 6, 2013

After School Link Up, Bird Watching

Welcome to the After School Link Up!

after school link up, bird lifecycle

The kids and I were at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago and bought a hanging geranium for our deck. We went out to water it the other day and found a nest had been built in the center of it.  The nest was empty, but we checked on it each day.

after school link up, bird lifecycle

Then one morning, there was one little egg!  And another one the next morning.  Each morning there has been one new egg added.  We're up to four eggs as of today. It seems to magically happen, because we are yet to see mommy or daddy bird.  From our reading, we think they are Carolina Wren eggs.  (We're using the Cornell Lab as a resource.)

From our reading, there will be an egg laid each morning for a few days for a total of 4-7 eggs.  Once the last egg is laid, the mother bird will start incubating them and only leave the nest a few times a day.  The babies will hatch in secession in about 2 weeks.   My kids are so excited, I am too.

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    Lindsay said...

    How fun! I love when you can actually see inside the nests! You guys are going to have so much fun watching the birds grow!

    Hannah White said...

    Oh how exciting! Hope you will keep us updated!

    iGameMom said...

    oh it must be fun to watch ... I am excited for you!

    Kirby said...

    Thanks for showing our activity and the link up to so many other great activities. I was looking through the summer bucket list party again for summer ideas. I added ours, I thought I already did, but it must have been the teachers one I added!