Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List Party 2013

Last year's Summer Bucket List Party (a list of things to do before summer kicks the bucket) had 68 great links with wonderful resources for kid activities.  What a neat resource for summer ideas!  

I'm hosting another party this year that will open on May 1st.  Please come back and link up your lists...whether you call them a bucket list, fun list, summer list, don't get board list etc...just so they're child/family friendly!

Little Wonders' Days

Please post this button or do a text link on your blog to spread the word.  

Make Dole Whips
Play kickball
Ride our bikes to the park for a picnic
Make a birdhouse from our gourds (we planted them this spring)
Go rock wall climbing
Make a snail home
Grow chia pets
Make superhero capes
Make pizzas on the grill
Read mom and dad's old comic books
Raise eastern black swallowtails
Road trip with Nana
Weekly learning goals

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Bethany said...

I can't wait! I've got mine almost all ready!

Lindsay said...

I just finished up my list tonight! Can't wait to see what everyone has on theirs!

Little Wonders' Days said...

That's wonderful Lindsay and Bethany. I can't wait to see your lists and all the others out there. I'll probably post the party around 9:00 or as soon as I get back from dropping all the kiddos off at school. Can't wait!

Ticia said...

I completely forgot to get mine done this year in any sort of a decent time frame. I'm feeling rather lackadaisical recently, and I guess it's showing in other areas too.