Sunday, February 24, 2013

After School Link Up, Squiggle Art and A Book Report

Welcome to the After School Link Up!
I did some fun and simple squiggle art with Juiciness and Sassyfras. Before we started, I found the printable color wheel here and talked to them about primary and secondary colors. I was surprised that they already knew about them, so I went ahead and talked about the tertiary colors. I think they had just as much fun making their color wheels as they did making the squiggle art.

squiggle art, color wheel lesson for preschoolers

Sharpie markers
colored pencils
thick white paper

To make the squiggle art, I showed them how to take the marker and make small, connecting squiggles on the paper.  You can make larger squiggles, it just requires more coloring.  Use the color pencils to fill in the openings in the squiggles.  I showed them how to use the color wheel to have a "more matched" color effect.  They just looked at me blankly and continued to color randomly.  Oh well, they still look pretty and we're getting some good fine motor work along the way.  

after school link up

Little J's class will be going on a field trip in the next couple of weeks to learn about the underground railroad.  In the meantime he is reading the book Harriet Tubman The Road to Freedom by Rae Bains and I found this printable for him to write a short book report for me.  He's excited about reading the book, I'm not so sure about the report part.  We'll have to see how that one goes.

Little Wonders' Days
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Raising a Happy Child said...

I like the idea of printables, but my daughter couldn't be less interested in them, at least most of the time. She writes a lot nowadays but on her own terms - like inventing game rules and such.