Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gifts, 14 Days of Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

Instead of doing a "10 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them" post for February, I thought I would invite you to join me for 14 days of ways to show your kids you love them. A little something to do each day leading up to Valentine's Day. Now this isn't meant to mysteriously stop the day after Valentine's Day, it's just a little something fun and a way to get started doing little things each day. Nor is it meant to take the place of saying "I love you" a million times a day.

Some people feel loved when they receive gifts.  My oldest, Little J, is this type of person.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive.  Just bringing him the lollipop from the bank teller or the free balloon from the grocery (in his favorite color) is enough to make him exceedingly happy.  He knows I thought about him when I decided to bring these things home.  My other two appreciate gifts, but don't seem to attach a lot of meaning to them like he does.  

ways to show your kids you love them

I found Silly Putty in the dollar bins at Target and thought these would be fun to play with after dinner.  They don't have anything to do with Valentine's Day...other than the red egg and even that's a stretch, but I remember playing with this stuff when I was a kid and thought it was cool stuff.

ways to show your kids you love them

You may know, but if you press this stuff on the Sunday funnies, it picks up the picture.  Unfortunately, I had already recycled our Sunday paper and I didn't have any comics.  I was hoping a coloring book would work, no such luck.  We'll try this weekend.

ways to show your kids you love them

Sassyfras found that it stretched and stretched and stretched.  We also had a contest to see who could bounce it the highest.  

I'm not an expert in this area, but here are a few of my thoughts when it comes to gift giving for children.  I don't believe in giving gifts for every little thing or giving them as a substitute for quality time or even heaven forbid, mommy guilt.  I don't bring something home every time I go out or even once in a while.  We help the kids make plans to work and save their money for bigger items that they want.  I like that my kids appreciate small and grand gestures of material gifts and I hope to keep it that way.  

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Raising a Happy Child said...

I am going back and forth on unexpected gifts. Sometimes it feels that our children already have too much "stuff" that they don't really value anything new... except that they very much do :)

Kelly said...

I'm so with you on this Natalie. I don't want to indulge my children and have them become unappreciative. I do remember my mom bringing me small trinkets when I was little and loving them so much. So every now and then I'll bring something home, but I don't want to spoil them. I usually try to decide what my motive is for buying something for them and that helps me decide if it's appropriate.