Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Ideas

I've decided to do our advent activities a little differently this year.  We're going to borrow from Woldorf and set a rhythm to our countdown to Christmas.  Some days might not "fit" the rhythm, so we'll just do what works for us and it will just be okay!

Monday's  are make or craft days
Tuesday's are service days
Wednesday's are celebration or themed days
Thursday's are back to nature days
Friday's are go and do activity days
Saturday's are baking days
Sunday's are worship days

The kids are in school right up to the Christmas holiday this year.  I'm a little sad that we don't get more time off the week before, but we're still going to have a wonderful and memorable time.  It's important to me that we enjoy these magical Christmases and family traditions all while keeping the true meaning of Christmas set before us.  

Here are some of my ideas that I'll choose from the night before depending on our schedule.

Make/Crafting Day
Make pomanders
Tinfoil Christmas trees
Snowflake crafts
Salt painted winter scenes
Make ornaments
Make Christmas peg dolls 
Snowmen crafts

Service Day
Serve a family member (do a chore for them, make them a surprise card, rake leaves for grandparents, etc)
Serve a friend (invite them to lunch, make a small gift or card, etc)
Serve a neighbor (bring their paper to the door, take in trashcans, walk their dog, etc)
Serve a community helper (leave a note of thanks, bring a plate of cookies to their office, etc)
Take blankets to the mission or nursing home
Take canned goods to the Food Bank
Take supplies to the animal shelter

Elf party
Grinch day
Snowman day

Winter walks
Bird watching
Pine cone crafts
Shadow puppets 
Learn about the solstice, eat by candlelight
Visit a Christmas tree farm
Force bulbs


Go and Do Activity Day
Visit the gingerbread house exhibit
Visit the Christmas train exhibit
Go ice skating
Take a horse and buggy ride
Attend a Christmas concert, puppet show, or play
Make a Christmas fort and play in it
Decorate your rooms

Noel Log

Baking Days
Noel Log
Gingerbread houses
Cookies for Santa
Christmas flavor ice cream (peppermint, gingerbread, eggnog)
Christmas candies
Make great grandma's rocky road fudge

Read the Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20)
Sing Christmas carols
Attend candle light service
Light advent candles
Set up the nativity
Attend a children's Christmas concert

Some of our traditions, like Christmas pajamas (the beginning of December), our Elf Nicholas, reading Christmas books, driving to see lights, Christmas pillowcases, etc aren't on our list as we do them as fancy strikes.

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Momand Kiddo said...

I like the idea of having a rhythm to your advent days and to go with the flow if things don't quite fit. I had to dial back on the activities this year, because it just makes me crazy to try and get too much done.

Leslie said...

I love your advent ideas. I think that I may try to map out my december too ~ to help keep me in check and to savor each moment of this great season.

lindsy said...

love, love these ideas. thank you!

Sarah said...

Serving ideas are great! We are counting down with 25 days or kindness and giving. I may borrow the chores for a friend or neighbor and use it was an act of kindness.

Ticia said...

I love these ideas, what a great way to do a variety of activities!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like this idea! I might try something like this next year, but realistically it probably would put too much pressure on me with my work schedule. Instead I just have a set of cards and pull them out if and when they fit into the day. Today it was "donate books to the library".