Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Thankful Scroll, Friday Fun

A package arrived this past week with nine hundred yards of packing paper and it felt wasteful to throw it in the recycle bin. I cut most of it into sheets for the kids to use for drawing and coloring, but we saved a bit to make our thankful scroll.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

wrapping paper tube
glue stick
packing paper
potato stamps
acrylic paint in fall colors
craft sponges
Thanksgiving stamps

We started by gluing one end of the packing paper to the wrapping paper tube and then went to town decorating the paper.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

I used an acorn cookie cutter to make some potato stamps.  It took a little bit for the kids to get the hang of using them.  If you use too much paint the design doesn't come out well or the stamp slides.  It just takes a little paint to make a nice design.  

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Once the scroll dried we wrote the things we are thankful for in marker.  We have the usual family, friends, etc and then there is Ben Franklin and technology, lol.  I strung some twine through the tube and our list is now hanging in the kitchen.


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Angela said...

Cute idea! I bet the kids had fun doing this!

Lindsay said...

What fun and a great use of the packing material that came with shipment!

Christy said...

Ha - my eight year old is a huge Ben Franklin fan. Funny. I like the scroll; we are doing a thankful box.

Mud Hut Mama said...

What a lovely way to recycle packaging. Your scroll turned out so beautiful!

Sheila said...

Awesome idea, Kelly! Both practical and spiritual - thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

what a great use of that 900 hundred yards of packaging paper. lol. Such a great idea!!

Have a great thanksgiving.

Sherri said...

Love it! Your such a fun mom!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Very neat idea - it looks so good!

Allison said...

Great idea! I love making the most of packing materials, and you made a fantastic project out of it. Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase.

Cassi said...

Wonderful and simple to do too! I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow :)

Kelly said...

Thank you Cassi! I love love your blog, so it's a real treat to be featured. thanks!