Thursday, November 1, 2012

November's 10 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

Aside from doing all typical things a parent does to show and tell their children to love them, there are plenty of ways to show your kids they're special and you love them. Here are 10 simple and inexpensive ways to do something out of the ordinary to let your kids know you're thinking of them and love them.

1.  Tell them one reason you're thankful for them each day.  Write  it down and then give them the list at the end of the month

ways to show your kids you love them
printable from Family Fun

2.  Have an "I'm Thankful for you Breakfast".  I did this last year for the kids and they loved it!

Thanksgiving breakfast for kids

3.  Mail them a card and tell them you love them!  My kids love to get mail and hang onto their cards and letters for weeks.

Ways to show your kids you love them

4.  Help them make their thankful list and let them see how blessed their lives are.

ways to show your kids you love them
Printable mini "I'm Thankful For..." book from Scholastic

5.  Choose a service project that you can do as a family.  Let them see what a blessing it can be to help others in need or who are less fortunate. Food banks, local hospitals, and animal shelters often have projects that appeal to children.

6.  Make hot (warm) raspberry tea with honey and lemon for them when they have a sore throat or for no reason at all!

ways to show your kids you love them

7.  Slow down.  Children can often feel the stress of the hustle and bustle with the start of the holiday season.  Take time each day to slow down and make time together as a family.  

8. Invite them to plan and prepare at least one one dish for Thanksgiving dinner.  I remember my grandmother helping me make something to put on the Thanksgiving table each year.  I felt so special and proud that I contributed to our family meal.

ways to show your kids you love them

9.  End your phone call/text (put your phone away!) when you pick them up from school. Focus on reconnecting with them. Find out how their day was, share your day with them.

10.  Sign up for a turkey trot (walk or run) to do together as a family.  It's a fun way to teach them to value exercise and to care for their bodies.  Plus it's a fun time together!

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Lindsay said...

Great list of ways to show kids we are thankful for them! I am trying to embrace the slowing down mindset for this holiday. Trying to get things done early so we don't feel so rushed later!

Deb Chitwood said...

These are fabulous ideas, Kelly! The thankful notes are great, and I'd never heard of an "I'm thankful for you breakfast" ... awesome! I added your photo and post to my November Family Gratitude Activities at

Keitha said...

This is a great list of ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Great list. I've been crazy busy lately, but our bedtime cuddles are sacred to me, and I make a point to show my Mouse how much she means to me every day.

Gina said...

You always have the most amazing lists to show kids that you care about them, Kelly! I just love the idea of writing a reason that you're thankful for them each day...I'll have to add that to the journal I keep for him! Thanks so much for sharing!

Candice at Picture Perfect Parties said...

These are great ideas! Going to try some of them this month.

Michele Latham said...

I love your list. My big kids are in college now. Last year I decided to mail them Christmas cards every day of Dec. It became a labor of love and made me think of how much I love them each time I signed a card!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thank you so much for sharing these sweet and thoughtful ways of showing our little ones how much we love them. Just pinned and shared with my Mom's group. You kids are so lucky to have you as their Mommy.

Carrie said...

What wonderful ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing on The Sunday Showcase!

Ness @ One Perfect Day said...

Kelly you already know how much I love your lists. Absolutely love them. I think number one on this list would have to be my favourite of all time. Going to start that tomorrow. Pinning and sharing on my FB wall tomorrow.

Jennifer Fischer said...

I love this list. We are focusing on gratitude too (as are so many people). I think these are great ways to focus on it for November with many of these ideas (especially the cell phone one) being ones to keep going all year.