Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Teacher Work Day Tradition: Go to the Beach

We've created a tradition of going to the beach for the first teacher workday and that happened this past week!  The past couple of years (here and here) have been chilly, but this year it was sunny and mid 70's, beach heaven!  Before piling into the car though, we dropped some pumpkin spice coffee off in the teachers' lounge to let them know we appreciate them.  

homemade moon sand, family traditions

I brought some ingredients along so we could make some homemade moon sand.  It was simple to make at the beach and made great sand castles!

corn starch
food coloring
beach sand
ocean water
sand bucket/shovel
measuring cup (since this is mixed using proportions, you can really use anything and don't need to bring a measuring cup)

Mix 3 parts sand with 1 part corn starch, add food coloring to desired color, then slowly add water mixing as you go.  Since the beach sand is already wet, you'll use less than usual...which is 1 part water.  This made sand that was perfect for molding sand castles and other creations.  

family traditions

After building our castles, we had fun taking beach walks....

family traditions

and catching sand fleas...

family traditions

and hunting for sharks teeth, beach glass, and seashells.

I love this little tradition we've started.  It's an easy to prepare for, not like a full beach vacation.  I pack some snacks and drinks, a beach blanket, a couple of towels, and our beach toys...that's it.  It's a little too cool to swim, so I don't have to deal with wet swim suits and multiple changes of clothes.  



Christy said...

Such a fun idea. I will have to remember to make moon sand at the beach; I am not a fan of it at home! It gets everywhere.

Your kids are beautiful. Great pictures.

Raising a Happy Child said...

So jealous that the beach with shells and other treasures is withing driving distance. Technically, we have ours within driving distance too, but it's about an hour and a half in the car, and the water is freezing! Love the picture of Sassyfras in this post!

raisingrainbows said...

Yeah! We did the exact same thing!!! We went up the night before and stayed the night on the beach. Spent the day strolling the historic district of the Gulf Coast and then hopped over to the beach for a day in the sand. The beaches are so clean this time of year and tide pools had formed, making this a great place for our toddler to safely explore.

Love the idea of taking the teachers a special treat!