Sunday, September 30, 2012

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During one of our summer nature walks, we found a beautiful black and yellow garden spider in our front yard.  Its most current web is in one of our front window flower boxes.  It's a perfect spot to observe it.  The kids named it Peter Parker, but after a little research she should have been named "Charlotte".  The male garden spider is smaller and has dull colors.  Not to mention she has made two egg cases.  So, for our after school this week, we've been doing a little research to learn more about her.  We'll be doing some fun spider themed things this week...fitting for October.

Black and Yellow Garden Spider

I startled her from her web while taking this picture.  

Spider Egg Case

These are her egg cases.  On average, they can make up to four egg cases that contain hundreds of eggs.  She will die once the weather gets cold, but come spring the babies will hatch and float away on web strands.  

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Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

What fun it will be to watch and discover what happens. We just saw a banana spider on our walk this weekend and thought we needed to research about them more. Can't wait to see what you share as you explore spiders.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I admit that I am a total arachnophobe, and while I know mentally that spiders are useful, I couldn't bear observe them hatch more spiders. But what a great lesson for your kids!

Julie said...

I'm with Natalie on this one! That picture of the spider is pretty but those egg sacks make me feel sick inside! Eeeek! Good for you that you can help your kids learn about spiders, though. Mine haven't learned the best lessons about spiders from me!!

Kara Campbell said...