Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Friendship Bracelets

beach friendship bracelets, kids arts and crafts

We celebrated Little J's birthday with our family last week while we were at the beach. I picked up a few cute and easy Home Goods believe it our not.  I found a pirate ship centerpiece and  pirate banner by a Meri Meri.  It made such a cute theme for a beach party.  We served crab legs and pink lemonade for dinner and had key lime colada cupcakes for dessert.



Most of the cousins are young teens or almost teens, so I wanted to find an activity or craft that all the kids could do and still enjoy.  I thought of friendship bracelets.  I brought all the supplies we would need and then told the kids to collect small shells with natural holes already in them. 
Hemp twine
Nylon cording
Lanyard clasps
Ocean themed charms
Sea shells

beach friendship bracelets, kids arts and crafts, summer activities for kids

Everyone seemed to enjoy making something. Some of the kids made bracelets and others made shell necklaces, backpack lanyards, or anklets. The older girls knew how to make friendship bracelets, but I found some instructions here and here too.  They helped the little ones do some simple bracelets.


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Raising a Happy Child said...

This sounds like an awesome party with a perfect activity for everyone.

Lindsay said...

What great decorations and I love the activity you came up with! I think I will buy some supplies to make some of these before our trip to the beach!

Sherri said...

Those are awesome!!
We are about to move to the beach...I'll have to keep this one on my to do list!

Sherri said...

Oh! I loved your pirate decorations!

Ticia said...

Princess would certainly of loved your dinner AND the bracelets!

maggy, red ted art said...

Oh what a wonderful piratey day. Love the bracelets.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Carrie said...

Oh, how fun!! Love the activity geared for all ages! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

Tina @Mamas Like Me said...

How did you get the holes in the shells for the necklaces? We have a bunch from a beach trip and I think these would be fun for the kids :)

Kelly at Little Wonders' Days said...

Hi Tina,

We used shells with natural holes in them already. I think another animal makes the hole so it can eat the animal inside the shell. I've never tried to drill a hole before, but I wonder if a drill press or Dremel tool would work. The kids really liked this, so I hope you can find something that will work for you.