Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Brownies

14 Days of Hearts, Day 10

We made brownies in our heart shaped cake pan last night.  We used a Duncan Hines brownie mix.  I decided to make these ultra sinful yummy by making a chocolate ganache to pour over the top.  The kids added some of our valentine sprinkles...thanks to Christy at Snacks and Stories for reminder that I had some valentine sprinkles with her fun post here.  And, if all this wasn't bad enough...we put them over vanilla ice cream!

Heart shaped brownies

Oh, I used this recipe for the ganache and halved the recipe.



Christy said...

Oh, YUM! That looks so good! Thanks for the link.

Lindsay said...

ohh yum!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Now I crave them - they look So good!

Sherri said...


Sarah said...

what time is dessert at your house? YUM!