Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras Fun

Today is Fat Tuesday.  My husband's family is from New Orleans, so I always feel like we should do a little something to celebrate each year.  I'll be picking up a king cake from a bakery a little later and I'll be making my late grandmother in law's shrimp etouffee tonight. 

I printed out some Mardi Gras masks on card stock and cut them out for the kids.  They used sequins, feathers, markers, and Do-A Dot stampers to decorate them. When they finished, I punched holes in each end and tied some ribbon.
grape flavored popcorn

Now popcorn has nothing to do with Mardi Gras, as far as I know, but I saw this recipe last week and thought it looked fun.  I loved flavored popcorn as a child, as an adult, well it was interesting.  The recipe itself is great and the kids loved it though.  I made it for the kids and would not recommend making it with them.  I also halved the recipe (and still had a lot leftover) as it's not the healthiest snack (it's more like candy really). 


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Lindsay said...

Have fun today! The popcorn looks great!

Ticia said...

Sadly my kids do not like flavored popcorn, so last time I got some I ate it all. I'm not complaining too much about that.

Ironically enough I have a Mardi Gras post up as well, but it was totally by accident that it is actually Mardi Gras.

Phyllis said...

We make a green popcorn like that for St. Patrick's day, but I think it was a great idea for Mardi Gras. The color is perfect for it.
Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sherri said...

I love your Mardi Gras fun...I have never celebrated it with my kiddos...I love the colors and masks..feathers...the whole thing...maybe next year!?

Christy said...

We usually celebrate Mardi Gras, but it didn't happen this year.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I didn't even remember Mardi Gras this year - perhaps it's because I am in Israel at the moment. We were in Cologne once during Mardi Gras, and it was awesome - the whole town was celebrating. Happy belated Mardi Gras!