Tuesday, January 24, 2012



The kids started on their valentines this weekend.  I love seeing all the beautiful homemade valentines popping up on the internet.  We did some semi homemade ones though and I think I like them almost as much, but without all the fuss.


I found this lollipop decorating kit at Target and thought it would be cute to dress up some Lindt truffles for all the teachers and support staff at the kids' schools.


Lindt truffles
lollipop decorating kit
green chenille stems cut in half

Simply wrap a green chenille stem around the base of the truffle wrapper and then use the lollipop wrapper per pack instructions.  It takes just minutes to make these and Little J could do it.  They are a big top heavy, but they look so cute!

We put them in a dollar bucket that I hot glued some trim around.

Little J and his friends are "Angry Birds" obsessed.  I found a pack of Angry Bird valentines and a bag of gumballs.  After signing his valentines, we stapled them to the packs of gumballs.  Cute and easy!  We're still coming up with something easy for Juiciness and Sassyfras to do for their friends...


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Christy said...

We are starting on our Valentines today. I love that lollipop kit with the truffles - cute.

Lindsay said...

Cute! I love the angry bird valentines! I am sure the teachers will just love theirs as well!

Brittney said...

Everything is so cute! I wish my creative juices were flowing!

Raising a Happy Child said...

You are so organized. We didn't start on Valentines at all yet.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Wow you give good chocolate to those teachers, you'll be at the head of the class for sure! ER is obsessed with Angry Birds too, I'll have to look for those. She'd love 'em.

Sherri said...

Your valentines look awesome!