Friday, October 7, 2011

Spiderific After School Snack, Friday Fun

halloween party, halloween snack, halloween fun

We have a little spiderific after school snack planned this afternoon.  I stopped by the bookstore while everyone was in school and picked up a few new Halloween books.  Little J is getting a Halloween Madlibs.  I loved these as a kid and he seems to think they are hilarious too.  Sassyfras is getting There Was an Old Lady That Swallowed a Bat and Juiciness is getting Go Away, Big Green Monster!


Our snack is hummus and with carrot sticks, plus a little friend.

halloween fun, halloween snack

I found these spider cupcake stands at Target and thought they would be cute to use.  The felt spider web was in my stash from last year, but I bet it came from Michael's or another craft store.


My favorite though, is this ghost peep pushed onto the straw of a Halloween cup (filled with milk).  I hope they love their snack and book treat!

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Lindsay said...

What a fun after school snack and surprise! I am sure they will love it!

Shauna said...

I am loving all of your wonderful ideas. I can't wait to use them with my little ones and I just became a new follower of your blog!

Raising a Happy Child said...

You just have this fantastic flair for details - my daughter would fall over to see such an elaborate afterschool snack.

Sherri said...

Love it!!
Your such a fun and creative mom!
I am sure those kids were thrilled to be coming home to all this fun snacking! =)

Coming Home to Live said...

I really love these ideas, so much fun! I love Madlibs too! I can't wait until my girls are old enough to enjoy them!

Mandi said...

What a special after-school treat! I bet they really felt special! I am in love with that spider cupcake holder. I need to head up to my Target to get some! :)

Mandi at BBM

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The peep is the perfect touch! What a fun snack to come home to, I bet they loved it!

Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis said...

Love it! The peep especially.

Toddler Approved said...

What a thoughtful mom you are!! Your kids must feel so lucky. Love this!