Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Hot Cocoa

fall fun, fall hot cocoa, family fun night

Today was one of those cool, rainy days.  It was a good afternoon to put on jammies and curl up with a cup of hot cocoa.

fall fun, fall hot cocoa, family fun

I used some Mexican chocolate, cocoa mix, and milk to make our hot chocolate.  I didn't have any whip cream, so we topped it with a bit of marshmallow fluff.  I topped that with an icing pumpkin, just to make it even more fun.

Fall fun

He looks pretty content, doesn't he.


Raising a Happy Child said...

My daughter adores hot chocolate, but we make it a simple hot cocoa mix way :) Yours looks very fancy indeed.

Joyce said...

I'm trying not to wish away this warm weather. I really am. But this post makes it hard! I can't wait until it's perfect hot cocoa weather. That cocoa looks incredibly fun. I bet the marshmellow fluff was amazing in it. Thank you for sharing!

Lindsay said...

Yum!! I need to make some hot white chocolate for my son who doesn't like regular chocolate!

Phyllis said...

We made a similar hot chocolate the other day, too! Must be the season for it.

Sherri said...

Now that is adorable hot chocolate!!! Your such a great mom! =)