Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decorating Halloween Pumpkin Buckets

This will be the first year that little Sassyfras and Juiciness will go out trick-or-treating beyond just our next door neighbors.  They are so excited!  Sassyfras picked out a Tinkerbell costume and Juiciness will be going as Spiderman.

decorating Halloween Pumpkin Buckets

Sassyfras wanted this hot pink pumpkin to hold her candy.  It was $1 at Target.   I found these floral stems for less than $2 at a local craft store.  I'll have to admit that I always wondered who bought those oddly hot pink and purple flowers...I guess now I know.

Fairy Halloween Bucket

A fairies candy bucket has to be special, don't you think? I hot glued some tulle and flowers around the top of it.

How to make a Fairy Dust necklace

I also made her a little necklace to hold some pixie dust.  I found a mini bottle with a cork at the craft store and filled it with a mix of pink sprinkles and silver glitter.  The cork is glued shut, but not before placing a couple of flower petals between the cork and bottle.  Then using some jewelry wire I made a loop and pressed it into the cork with a drop of glue.  A few flower petals glued to the bottom finished it.

decorate a candy basket for Halloween

Juiciness picked a purple pumpkin for his candy haul.  I hot glued a few plastic spiders on it and he loves it.  Perfect for Spiderman!

plastic pumpkin decorating

How to make a spiderman pumpkin bucket

The hard part will be keeping them from wearing their costumes everyday until Halloween.  Oh, Little J will be going as Boba Fett and he has a special candy bag with his name on it and didn't want a new one.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Those candy holders are cute by themselves, but you made them spectacular. I bet the kids are excited.

Ticia said...

I gave up on their not wearing costumes and settled for not wearing them to church.......

Christy said...

Fantastic!!!!!!! I love the pixie dust.

Joyce said...

Those look great! I probably would have never ever thought of decorating the pumpkin buckets. It's such a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

Mandi said...

Those are awesome!!! I have never thought to decorate my kids' candy pumpkins! What a fantastic idea! :)

Mandi at BBM

Alexa said...

This looks so spooky and cute, I love how you adorned them ! I'd love it if you linked up to my Terrorific Tuesday blog hop!