Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute Sheep Craft for Kids {A go along craft to Can't Sleep Without Sheep by Susanna Hill}

sheep craft for kids

We've been reading the book, "Can't Sleep Without Sheep" by Susanna Leonard Hill this past week.  I can't tell you enough how cute and funny this bedtime story is.  It is quickly becoming a family favorite.

Can't Sleep Without Sheep craft

The book is about a little girl that is having a hard time sleeping and her mother suggests she count sheep to fall asleep.  She does, but it takes so long each night that the sheep get tired and decide they are going to quit, but not without finding a replacement first.  They call in all sorts of animals to try out for the job.  After a number of funny attempts from various animals, it is decided that only the sheep will really do after all.

sheep craft for kids

construction paper (we used black for night time, but would recommend dark blue)
crescent moon,sheep body, face, and legs cut from construction paper
scrap fabric for a hat
pompom for a tail
googly eyes
shaving cream
paint brush

sheep craft for kids

I mixed shaving cream and glue together until it was thick and stuck to the spoon.

Sheep craft for kids

Start by painting the sheep body with the shaving cream mixture.  I showed Sassyfras to make swirls with her paintbrush.  Let the sheep body dry a little and then glue it to a large sheet of construction paper.  We used black, but would recommend dark blue so the sheep's face shows up better.

Sheep craft for Kids

Sheep Craft for kids

This has been one busy week!  Everyone is starting back to school and there are meetings and school happenings galore.  I'm sorry for the lack of commenting and posting.  I hope I'm back to normal by this weekend. 


Sherri said...

I'm excited to check out that book!
Your little sleeping lambs are out of this world adorable!

Christy said...

Super cute!

We start school next week, so this is the calm before the storm!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Great use of that shaving cream puffy paint! Those are cute sheep, and I could easily adapt the craft for my Sunday School class.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Thank you so much for your lovely review of Can't Sleep Without Sheep! I had such fun writing it, and Mike did such a fabulous job with the illustrations - I couldn't have hoped for better. I'm so glad your family is enjoying it, and I LOVE your sheep activity. Please let me know if you'd like a signed copy for a giveaway :)

All the best,
Susanna Hill

Raising a Happy Child said...

What a pretty craft! I have to check out this book!

Ticia said...

Awww, how incredibly cute is that! I need to try shaving cream glue mix again, my last attempt didn't work right.

artsy_momma said...

Such an awesome idea! We did a polar bear awhile back... a sheep would be fun too.

Our Country Road said...

This is so stinking cute!! I would love it if you would link it up to my link party, Pinterest Tuesday! I think other moms would love your sheep, too!

Justine said...

I love this! It is so adorable!