Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Summer Bucket Ideas

Cape Cod, 2010
I was so happy to see 25 great bloggers link up their "Summer Bucket" lists.  There are some really fun ideas among them!  I hope you have time to visit each one, they're definitely worth reading.
Vanderbilt Mansion, 2010
I've picked one from each list to add to our bucket.  I'm not sure if we'll get to all of them, but I sure hope we do.  My two little ones only have a few days of school left and my oldest has a couple more weeks.  We're certainly ready to kick off our summer!
Outer Banks, 2010
  Activities we picked to add to our bucket:
  1. Mouse Grows Mouse Learns- Melt crayons in the sun
  2. The Bona Fide Life- Go to yard sales
  3. Two Bears Farm- Ride a trolley
  4. You'll Thank Me One Day- Have a water balloon fight
  5. Michelle's Charm World- Kidnap the grandparents for an afternoon
  6. Adventures in Mommydom- Have childrens' devotion time in backyard
  7. Just Playin' Around- Have a summer party for friends
  8. Mom's For Xanax- Learn a hula dance
  9. Fun Mama- Build a fairy house, or gnome house
  10. Long Family 3 L's- Make sand castles
  11. Raising Little Rhodies- Wii night
  12. Elle Belle's Bows- Make foil packet dinners on the grill
  13. Lionden Landing- Play t-ball
  14. Little Piles Everywhere- Make fizzing sidewalk chalk
  15. Camp Slop- Take a playground tour (a quest to visit all the neighborhood playgrounds- there are 7!)
  16. Pinks My Ink- Soak in the tub with lots of bubbles
  17. Sitting at Our Kitchen Table- Take a trip to DQ
  18. Triangle Mommies- Take a nature walk
  19. La Dolce Vita:The Sweet Life- Take food or supplies to the local homeless shelter
  20. Mommy Savers- This is a mom forum and a bunch of great moms have listed super fun ideas!
  21. A Little Bit of This & That- Have a scavenger hunt
  22. The Grimes Life- Go for bbq
  23. Ape 2 Zebra Toys- Try 2 new fruits
  24. Angelyn's Semi-Healthy Lifestyle- See a manatee
  25. Abundance Blog- Make Hawaiian Punch 


Michelle said...

What a neat idea to snag one from each list!! I love the idea to melt crayons in the sun!!!!

Christy said...

Sounds like fun! We still have to put our list together. It's cold and rainy here - doesn't feel at all like summer; as a matter of fact, it doesn't even feel like spring.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I have to look for other lists and pick some new ideas too. Right now it looks rather gloomy outside, but this too shall pass.

Bona Fide Mama said...

I hope you have fun going to yard sales!

Amy said...

YAY! I loved reading everyone's lists and I added quite a few extras to mine from their inspiration! Enjoy that DQ trip...Blizzard or Buster Bar? :)


Jennifer said...

Great list!! I did a post on ours too!

noahandlylasmommi said...

All great ideas. My kids love water balloons :)