Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Ideas to do with Kids When Visiting Disney

We're headed to Disney in the near future.  The kids know we're going, but don't know the exact date.  I'll be keeping it a surprise until we're loaded in the car.  I've read some fun posts from Hilary at Mom's for Xanax and Christy at Super Heroes and Princesses about their recent Disney adventures and thought I would share some things I've planned too. 
My plans for the big reveal: 
  • The Disney vacation planning DVD will be ready to play in the car.
  • After that finishes there are several Disney movies that the kids haven't seen before that I borrowed, bought, or ordered from Netflix to pass the car ride.
  • Since we're leaving before the sun comes up, there are glow swords in the boys' seats and a glow princess wand in Sassyfras' seat. 
  • Little J will also have the maps to the Kingdom in his seat.

While we're at Disney,  Tinkerbell and Peter Pan come to visit our hotel room each night.  They leave little presents, like t-shirts, swimsuits and goggles, sunglasses, pajamas and goodnight books at the end of the bed for anyone that hasn't grown up yet.  I did this for Little J when we took him a couple of year's ago and he thought this was just wonderful.  This time, I'm bringing some pixie dust (body glitter) to leave on their cheeks.

The kids and I will be going to the Orlando Science Center one day while Daddy is in conference.  Has anyone been there and have any tips for me?  We should be able to get in with our reciprocal membership card.


Christy said...

You are amazing! I wish I had consulted with you before we left for our trip!!!

I haven't been to the science center, but look forward to hearing about it.

Have a great trip!

Joyful Learner said...

To think I wasn't going to plan ANYTHING for our upcoming trip to Disneyland! I should start planning right now! Thanks for all the good ideas. I love the Pixie dust idea and leaving presents from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Michelle said...

Have fun!!!! It's a blast! I used to work there AND got married there and have planned 2 big family reunions there AND we still go every year with 3 kids hahaha!! So if you have any questions, ask away! We are headed back in August and driving too!! The drive is always an adventure!

Chelsea said...

How fun to surprise the kids like that! I love Disneyworld, and I'm sure you guys are going to have such a fantastic time.

Ticia said...

The pixie dust idea and presents from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are GReAT ideas!

Lizz said...

The best thing I did for my daughter when we went last year was this: Right near the front entrance when you enter any of the parks is a kiosk with free buttons. They say things like "It's my first visit", or "It's my birthday". I put one of the first visit buttons on her shirt, and tons of the employees gave her a little extra attention asking her how her first time was going. She loved it! My mom was given the birthday one and got chased down by a garbage can singing her happy birthday. Hilarious!

If you want an excellent travel guide with tons of tips, you should check out Birnbaum's Guide for Walt Disney World. Great tips in there. (I picked mine up at the library!) Have a great trip!

MamaBug said...

Disney is our most favorite place to go! I use the webiste disboards.com for great ideas....have you made the kuds custom shirts? There are people on that site that will make custom images for you, you print them on transfer paper and iron on....my kids LOVE these shirts! Never though of the face glitter.....usually Mickey delivers to us....since my boys are grown I will have to have Tinkerbelle come this coming trip! That for the tip! Have a Magical time!

Raising a Happy Child said...

You always have fantastic ideas. I hope everyone enjoys the trip.

Michelle said...

Looks like awesome plan and you gathered some cool things! Let us know how it went through! :)

Thanks for linking to High paw. Always a pleasure to see your ideas!