Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother Daughter Easter Outfits

I finished making our mother/daughter dresses for Easter.  I've never done the mother/daughter thing before, but I'm excited to wear these outfits on Easter.
This dress was made using a pattern from The Children's Corner called Lucy.  It wasn't a difficult dress, but I wouldn't call it a beginner pattern either.
I love the pockets on this dress.  They don't hold much, but they are so cute.
My favorite part of the dress is this ruffle.  It makes the dress a little "twirly" and doesn't every little girl want a little twirly?!
My skirt is a simple wrap skirt using Indygo Junction's pattern IJ769.  A beginner sewer can easily make this skirt.  You can see my first wrap skirt from this pattern here (it's hanging in that post and shows you how it might look wearing it).
These shoes are my favorite part though!   

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Wonder Mom said...

The outfits are just lovely! Enjoy the days when she likes to dress like her mother, 'cause it won't last forever! ;0)

Tonya said...

Very cute! I can definitely appreciate this since I don't have a little girl! I doubt my boys would like to dress like mommy for easter!

Raising a Happy Child said...

How lovely! I am sure you will look very festive in these outfits.

Twins Squared said...

I love both of these. I have made Easter dresses for my girls but I need something for me. I might have to give this skirt a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

TJ @ said...

Hi! New follower stopping by from the blog hop. Have a great day! :-)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great job!! I love the Mommy and Me matching! Love the shoes too!


Jenny said...

Awesome! You will both be so cute!

Hilary said...

I love the patterns, fabric and the shoes!!! I have thought about pulling out the sewing machine and attempting a little dress for Coco with something matchy for me, but this has inspired me to actually do it!!!

Andrea said...

What a great idea! Your fabric is so pretty. It makes me want to do this too! (I guess it will have to be next year since I am almost done with my girls' coordinating dresses). Great work!


Hollie - said...

I know a little something about Children's Corner patterns and I love how your Lucy turned out!

Sherri said...

That is adorable! Your truly amazing!