Monday, March 7, 2011

"Living" Things, Signs of Spring

Spring is really starting to show itself here.  The days are still pretty cool, but you can find all the spring flowers and trees either blooming or on their way to blooming.

Sassyfras and Juiciness are still working to understand living and nonliving things.  We're focusing on living things right now and I plan to introduce nonliving things later this week. 
I made a little picture scavenger hunt using some photos I had and a few free clip art pictures. They are of living things that are found during spring.


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Jenny said...

Great idea! We went for a "signs of spring" walk last week and found nothing! Our winter was so cold, with tons of ice and snow. I think it will be a few more weeks before anything starts to bloom or grow.

Christy said...

Nice idea! No signs of spring here yet.

quiverfull said...

ooh, so fun! found you via 'we play.' i was thinking just today that it was time to go out in search of spring. i'll be sure to bring a scavenger hunt along!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I love this time of the year - perfect time to learn about living and non-living things. Those Mardi Gras cookies look super yummy!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great idea! They will have so much fun with it! Patiently waiting for spring. Although...we did get a bit while in Savannah. Kerri

Rashi said...

Very simple way to introduce Spring to kids!

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