Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six and a Half, Celebrating Half Birthdays

We had a very simple, but fun half birthday celebration this week. 


Little J turned 6 1/2 this week.  For some reason turning "a half" was a big deal to him.  (I think because he is one of the youngest in his class this year.)  We have never celebrated a half birthday before, but it seemed like a fun thing to do this year.


After breakfast of his half birthday, we had mini cupcakes served on plates leftover from his birthday party.  His cupcake had a half candle in it.  We sang happy birthday and sent him off to school smiling big and feeling special!


Phyllis said...

Because one of my son, James's birthdays gets lost in the Christmas holiday, (His birthday is three days after Christas.) and because all of his brother's birthdays are in the summer, we always have a 1/2 birthday party for him. He loves it.

Joyful Learner said...

Half birthdays are fun. You don't have to throw a huge party but the kid feels happy and special. We celebrate every half birthday with a cupcake and song too!

Krissy @ B.Inspired Vintage said...

My family thinks I'm crazy that I want to do this for my little ones. One's birthday is the end of November while the other's is December. So it feels like FOREVER without a celebration through the summer months. I think I'm going to start this tradition this year by giving them a cupcake and a book as a gift... Thanks for the inspiration! And the reassurance that I'm not crazy! haha!

Jenny said...

Cute! My daughter makes sure she tells everyone she is 6 and 1/2. This is the first year she's done this, but it's very important to her.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great idea! Elle has a same birthday situation as the first comment. So, I have been thinking of doing something fun in the summer too. Thanks for sharing! Kerri