Thursday, January 27, 2011

K is for Kiss


Our beginning letter sound this week is "k".  Since we're getting close to Valentine's Day, I thought reading books about kisses and then decorating the letter "k" with kisses seemed appropriate. 


The book we read today was Kiss the Cow by Phyllis Root. 

This is a book about a magic cow and a curious little girl that disobeys her mother.  Only to have the cow refuse to give milk again until the little girl gives her a kiss.

I gave Sassyfras and Juiciness a cutout of the letter "K" along with a stamp pad and a lip stamp.  They love to stamp!  I tried to get them to say "K" kiss each time they stamped.

After our this activity we got our Gertie balls out and practiced "k"icking.  We love these ball for their softness.



Ticia said...

Sound like a cute story

Christy said...

Very cute.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Neat activity and book for K...thanks for sharing.

Wonder Mom said...

Last year I had my 5 year old daughter actually kiss her letter k with lipstick...her older sister and I had fun with it, but she was a bit underwhelmed by the activity...

I love to torture my children... :0)

Raising a Happy Child said...

Will Hillenbrand is one of my favorite illustrators - this book looks so cute. Great choice for letter K!